You’ve finally decided to go to your first track day, thinking you’re the next Schumacher. How difficult could it be, right? After your first few laps, the reality starts sinking in. Fast BMWs and old Porsches start passing you with lightning speed and you’re left confused and your confidence drops. They must have more track experience, right?

You might think that just doing laps will make you a better driver, but seat time alone is not worth a lot if you don't know what you're doing and don't have a clear goal. Sure, you could just enjoy and chill on track, but if you're serious about progressing, you need a goal and a strategy!

Imagine going to a track day with a list of concrete action items that will help you safely improve your driving and lap times. In no time, you'll be making strategic improvements like pushing your braking points further, accelerating sooner out of a tricky corner, or simply driving a tighter and shorter line.

Get instant feedback from someone that started in the exact same position and had to put in a lot of elbow grease to get faster on track. Every second was tough to get, but analyzing my own videos helped me come up with strategic steps I was able to try on future track days and improve my lap times every single time on track.

How does it work?

After purchasing this package, can simply reply to the confirmation email with a link to an onboard video you'd like me to review.

I'll record myself reviewing your video and provide tips about your general driving style, racing lines or anything else that might improve your driving.

Within 1-2 days, I'll send back the video review with a PDF containing 2-3 action items you can try on your next track day!

See samples of existing track review videos below 👇🏼

See what others have to say

Jure coached me during my second track day on the Hockenheim ring. On the first track day I struggled and was overwhelmed with all the things I had to consider while driving on the track. Before the second track day Jure sent me concise instructions on what to focus on. That helped me a lot, because I understood where the risks are, where it is possible to gain time and where the focus should lie. During the track day, he gave me specific advice, which made me faster and even more importantly made me feel safer while driving. I can recommend Jure to anyone trying to improve their track day experience. On the side note, my lap time improved by 6 seconds.
-- Miha with a 997.1 GT3 (See review)
Going to the track in my brand new GT4 was definitely scary! After the first few laps with Jure, I was given pointers on how to drive smoother and more predictable. He showed me I can brake much later and we slowly progressed with higher corner speeds in a controlled way. He also made useful observations like the fact that I was not holding the steering wheel at "9 and 3" when approaching tighter corners. It makes total sense, but I was just too busy driving to pay attention to stuff like that!
-- Tomaz with a 718 GT4
Jure took time to warm the passenger seat on my first track day. Since I have many many kilometres off track and I'm a fairly confident driver, raw speed was not an issue for me. It was more about proper approach to corners, ideal line, and using the brake deep into the corner to help the car rotate. I started implementing the feedback I got and immediately saw progress in my driving style.
-- Dalibor with a 992 GT3

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